Why GC Dies?

At GC Dies in Elmhurst, Illinois, our experience and expertise, coupled with our commitment to service, drives us to deliver quality products that will enhance your manufacturing process. Our philosophy begins by setting your needs as our standard of performance. Customization, flexibility, accuracy and durability are used daily to meet and exceed client expectations. Ensuring the highest level of performance and delivery to our clients, and removing technical and financial uncertainty associated with cutting tools and dies, is what we do best. 


Mission & Values

Our objective is to create an experience for our customers where integration with your manufacturing program is seamless, products and transfers effortless and distances meaningless. Our commitment is to work around the clock to deliver outstanding products and services as we continue to earn your trust and that of every order we serve. We are a product of our enduring strength as a national specialty steel rule cutting die manufacturer, striving to successfully meet the needs of customers like you nationwide.



  • Member of Independent Association of Die Makers and Die Cutting (IADD)
  • Member of Foil Stamping and Embossing Association (FSEA)

Community Support

At GC Dies, we believe in the power of our collective ability to bring positive change to our community. We place a high value on being a good neighbor and a corporate citizen. Through ongoing support of various organizations we work to build better, stronger, more sustainable communities in the places where we do business.